WeChat Marketing and Advertising

Get the attention and love you deserve on WeChat - WeChat is one of the most popular mobile apps in China. With the massive user base, WeChat has become a marketing platform with all kinds of possibilities. However, being an instant messaging tool in nature, WeChat is different than other social media platforms you are already familiar with.

Shifu has helped many international companies with successful WeChat marketing and advertising campaigns. Our one-stop WeChat promotion solution will take care of all WeChat marketing activities for you, from account registration and verification, profile design, content management, to customer service, and WeChat advertising campaigns.

Why Work with Shifu

Quicker & Easier

We can bring you a quicker and easier WeChat account registration process

Native Chinese Experts

We are native Chinese WeChat marketing and advertising experts. We know WeChat well

Full Ownership

You own your WeChat account, even when not working with us

Our WeChat Marketing Service Includes:

Official Account Registration and Verification

Registering a WeChat account is the first step. We will apply for an official WeChat account on your behalf.

Once the account is registered, we will also set it up with your business information and have it custom-designed, so it can efficiently deliver your brand image to the target audience.

More about WeChat Official Account Registration

WeChat Account Management

The first step to any strategy is to understand what you want out of your efforts. We will create a custom WeChat marketing and content strategy based on the goals you want to achieve via social media marketing.

When the plan is ready, we will prepare content and campaigns according to the objectives and implement them for you.

WeChat Account Design

A visual is worth a thousand words. We design customized WeChat official accounts to represent your brand more effectively.

The items will include WeChat content templates, WeChat signature templates, banners, profile photos, GIFs, and videos.

WeChat Advertising Campaign Management

WeChat advertising is a paid approach to reach your target audience. It is the built-in display advertising platform of WeChat.

We will help you open an advertising account, and create and manage WeChat advertising campaigns.

WeChat KOL Marketing

SEO Shifu has an extensive network of social media influencers from various industries in China. We will help you source suitable candidates and negotiate the best deals for you.

FAQ About Our WeChat Marketing Services

Who owns the official account?

You do. We will use your foreign business license to register the account and make you the administrator of the account.

What do you need from us?

To help you register and verify a WeChat official account, we will need the following:

  1. Your business license
  2. The passport of one of your staff members, who we will make the admin of the account.
  3. The phone number of the above person. It needs to be a mobile number that can receive SMS messages.
  4. The phone bill of the mobile phone number for the past three months.

Do I need to have a personal WeChat account?

Yes. To make you the administrator of the official account, you will need your own personal WeChat account.

We have noticed that WeChat has made it hard for foreigners to register personal WeChat accounts. There is a security verification that you will need to complete. We can help with that too.

Why verification?

To meet the local regulations in China Mainland, all applicants must also complete WeChat official account verification following account application, to activate all features of the account.

This is included in our WeChat marketing service. We will take care of that for you.

WeChat Marketing Articles and Resources

How to Register a WeChat Official Account

How to Register a WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Account, also known as Public Account, Business Account, or 微信公众号, has become a powerful social media marketing channel that businesses use to reach their target audience.

How to Manage a WeChat Official Account

How to Manage a WeChat Official Account

Your WeChat official account is your business presence on WeChat. Just like a real-world shop, positive user experience, attractive design, and friendly customer service are critical for success.

Our Clients

Client: Leibish
Client: Canada Tourism Commission
Client: Brewster
Client: Griaule
Client: Innovadex
Client: Microsoft
Client: Tourism Authority of Thailand Beijing Office
Client: Kung Fu English
Client: Hao Zhao Pian
Client: Study Mode
Client: Carbon Trust
Client: Win Translation
Client: Zoom Interviews
Client: WhiteWater West
Client: VisitFootball
Client: NSLC
Client: Lux Resorts
Client: IS Decisions

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Client Testimonials

Amit Sharma, Digital Marketing Specialist, Chambers and Partners

"We have been delighted with the first-class service SEO Shifu have provided Chambers. SEO Shifu were able to help us with the setup of our WeChat account and have been instrumental in helping us grow our followers across the platform, working closely with us on content and campaigns. It has been a pleasure to work with Ryan and the team and we look forward to many future successes."

Helen Zhao, Director of Marketing, UL Prospector

"We struggled in finding an SEO/SEM consultant specialized in Baidu in the US. Luckily we found Ryan, who is located in China and speaks very good English. Ryan is knowledgeable, countable and easy to communicate with."

Joelin Liu, Marketing Director, Microsoft

"I hold Ryan in very high personal and professional regard – his ability to jump in, figure it out, and accomplish the goal in a timely basis is unparalleled. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for about 12 months on an SEO project for Microsoft China and Ryan and his team members really impressed me with their understanding of search engines and knowledge on search marketing."

Paul Coffey, Kung Fu English

"Ryan's team at Chinese SEO Shifu is our definition of an ideal partner. They are willing to spend time clearly explaining their suggested methods. They can be flexible on project terms if circumstances change. They are proactive in their communication and always looking to protect their clients' interests. Just about any SEO "expert" can claim to know everything, and then deliver very little. Ryan and his team will outline what is reasonable to expect .. and then deliver even more."

Yaniv Marcus, VP, Asia-Pacific & Investments, Leibish & Co.

"Thank you for all the help and support you have been giving Leibish & Co. We had given you a challenging mandate, which involved translation of an English commerce website into Mandarin, along with a mandate to increase our visibility in China via online marketing, as well as increase social media exposure and followers. You have done a fantastic job up to now, and I have no doubt that this will continue for the foreseeable future."

Sonia Saund, Project Coordinator, Fourth Dimension Inc.

"I must say that working with Chinese SEO Shifu was a great experience overall. Shifu made sure that every request I had was completed on time and within budget, and they provided status updates on the project as it went on. I was very impressed with the level of communication that SEO Shifu offered, especially since we were collaborating from opposite ends of the world. Ryan was very professional, understanding and diligent when it came to the work contracted. I would definitely recommend SEO Shifu to anyone looking for Search Engine Optimization and/or translation services."

Lewis Youngson, Managing Director, Visit Football

"Ryan and his team at SEO Shifu have been instrumental in helping my business grow in China. As a UK based travel company we have been able to communicate easily and quickly with Ryan, despite the time difference with China, regarding translation and SEO projects. Our business has been praised by many for its great translation and since starting our SEO 3 months ago we have risen to the top 3 in Baidu organic search terms. Ryan is someone I have complete faith and trust in and I can highly recommend him to any business big or small that wants to target China."