Clients and Case Studies

Learn about the success stories of our clients - SEO Shifu is proud of being the chosen partner of many international brands and has successfully helped them enter or expand the market in China. Please read our case studies as below.

SEO Case Study Microsoft China

It’s easy to rank for your brand keywords, isn’t it?

No. At least not for Microsoft China.

In 2012, Microsoft planned to launch Office 2013. The problem is their official website failed to achieve good rankings for their brand keywords, such as Office, Word and Excel, on the leading Chinese search engine Baidu.

There were many websites offering free downloads of pirated versions of the Office suite. What’s worse, these websites were outranking the official website of Microsoft China for its brand keywords on Baidu.

Microsoft China contacted SEO Shifu. We quickly did a thorough analysis on the situation and took actions accordingly. We conducted a full site technical review for their Chinese site, reorganized the internal link structure and optimized the key SEO performance landing pages for their products.

We also worked with their editor team, offering suggestions to make the content have more SEO value and distributing the content for link development.


  • First page rankings for 60% of the target brand keywords on Baidu
  • Baidu indexation improved by 34%
  • Organic traffic from Baidu increased by 25% in 6 months

SEO Case Study Tourism Authority of Thailand (Beijing)

TAT Beijing had very poor visibility on and Google – actually they didn’t even have a very clear objective for their search marketing campaigns.

To help the client develop a successful search marketing strategy and achieve better search engine visibility over time, SEO Shifu first conducted keyword research to establish a comprehensive keyword database for the website, spotting the intents of the potential customers. Then based on the keyword database, Chinese SEO Shifu reorganized major channels of the website to make the site have a clear, more search engine friendly structure and improve crawlability and indexation.


  • 45% increase of organic traffic in three months
  • 21% increase of goal conversion rates in three months

PPC Case Study A Major Baby Product Store

SEO Shifu has been working with a leading baby product online store in China since 2012.

SEO Shifu helps this client with pay-per-click advertising and conversion optimization, which has decreased their average cost per conversion by 17% year by year.


  • 71% increase in conversion rates over the years
  • The average cost per conversion decreases by 17% year by year

Social Media Case Study A Government Department of Spain

To attract more Chinese travellers and investors to Spain, this client has launched several online marketing campaigns targeting China since 2012. With the help of SEO Shifu, all the campaigns have achieved impressive results, especially the social media campaigns.

SEO Shifu has helped them with all the campaigns from the very beginning, including account registration and design, content strategy and follower building.


  • 300,000+ followers on Weibo in 3 years
  • 70,000+ followers on WeChat in 1.5 years

Social Media Case Study A Financial Newspaper

Seeing the great potential in Chinese social media platforms, this client planned to utilize Weibo and WeChat to expand their readership in China, and resort to SEO Shifu for guidance.

Service offered: Weibo marketing and WeChat marketing, including account creation


  • From 0 to 5,000+ followers on Weibo in three months
  • From 0 to 7,200+ followers on WeChat in three months
  • A 35% subscription increase in 2 months

Social Media Case Study A French Restaurant in Guangzhou

As a premier French restaurant based in Guangzhou, this client came to us with the vision to further boost its popularity as well as customer engagement through their official WeChat account.

SEO Shifu first redesigned their WeChat account and the associated HTML5 mobile site, then helped them plan and start a moment feed advertising campaign targeting Guangzhou.

Moreover, SEO Shifu also helped them integrate their online presence in some offline events, including their website and WeChat account.


  • More than 3,500 new WeChat followers in two months
  • A 13% increase in wine sales and wedding hosting

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Client Testimonials

Yaniv Marcus, VP, Asia-Pacific & Investments, Leibish & Co.

"Thank you for all the help and support you have been giving Leibish & Co. We had given you a challenging mandate, which involved translation of an English commerce website into Mandarin, along with a mandate to increase our visibility in China via online marketing, as well as increase social media exposure and followers. You have done a fantastic job up to now, and I have no doubt that this will continue for the foreseeable future."

Sonia Saund, Project Coordinator, Fourth Dimension Inc.

"I must say that working with Chinese SEO Shifu was a great experience overall. Shifu made sure that every request I had was completed on time and within budget, and they provided status updates on the project as it went on. I was very impressed with the level of communication that SEO Shifu offered, especially since we were collaborating from opposite ends of the world. Ryan was very professional, understanding and diligent when it came to the work contracted. I would definitely recommend SEO Shifu to anyone looking for Search Engine Optimization and/or translation services."

Lewis Youngson, Managing Director, Visit Football

"Ryan and his team at SEO Shifu have been instrumental in helping my business grow in China. As a UK based travel company we have been able to communicate easily and quickly with Ryan, despite the time difference with China, regarding translation and SEO projects. Our business has been praised by many for its great translation and since starting our SEO 3 months ago we have risen to the top 3 in Baidu organic search terms. Ryan is someone I have complete faith and trust in and I can highly recommend him to any business big or small that wants to target China."

Phi Vo, Online Marketing Director at StudyMode, Inc.:

“We are an international company with many sites in different languages, and it was difficult to find anyone with as much expertise as Ryan. Specifically, we needed to grow Baidu traffic quickly. Ryan helped us to chart a short and long term strategy for SEO that would work well in the Chinese market, and thus far we have seen great results. I would definitely recommend his expertise for websites or businesses looking for someone on the ground who knows how SEO and great sites should work in China. We’ve seen a tremendous growth in traffic and look forward to a long-term relationship with this company.”

Helen Zhao, Director of Marketing, UL Prospector

"We struggled in finding a SEO/SEM consultant specialized in Baidu in the US. Luckily we found Ryan, who is located in China and speaks very good English. Ryan is knowledgeable, countable and easy to communicate with."

Joelin Liu, Marketing Director, Microsoft

"I hold Ryan in very high personal and professional regard – his ability to jump in, figure it out, and accomplish the goal in a timely basis is unparalleled. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for about 12 months on an SEO project for Microsoft China and Ryan and his team members really impressed me with their understanding of search engines and knowledge on search marketing."

Ben Van Exan, Graphic Communications, WhiteWater West Industries

"WhiteWater West Industries contracted Shifu in December 2013 to boost organic SEO and manage our PPC account for our Chinese website. Within the first 3 months, the organic search results have more than tripled our total visitors, with ongoing improvements..."

Paul Coffey, Kung Fu English

"Ryan's team at Chinese SEO Shifu is our definition of an ideal partner. They are willing to spend time clearly explaining their suggested methods. They can be flexible on project terms if circumstances change. They are proactive in their communication and always looking to protect their clients' interest. Just about any SEO "expert" can claim to know everything, and then deliver very little. Ryan and his team will outline what is reasonable to expect .. and then deliver even more."

Richard Chmura, founder of

“Chinese SEO Shifu is very proficient and effective in Internet marketing and promotion. We can always count on the dedication, persistence and quality of work. Their polished and excellent command of English is of high value and ensures that communication is pleasant and effective. They are able to apply technology to marketing in a savvy way and have capability of bringing our organization’s services to a new market with astuteness.”