Speed Up Website in China

Slow is bad. Period. Poor connection time, blacklisted name servers, misconfigured servers, banned CDNs, using online resources blocked in China, a fish that bites the submarine communications cables… all this can make your website extremely slow or just completely inaccessible in China.

When someone visits a website, the request will traverse a lot of routers before finally reaching the server. Given that China and your country may be far away from each other, a request from China to a server based overseas just goes through more routers, so a lot of things in between can go wrong.

Shifu Makes Your Website Faster in China

Chinese SEO Shifu is expert on website performance optimization targeting China. No matter what language, platform and operating system your site uses, we can spot the factors that affect your site’s load speed and fix them. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Website performance diagnosis
  • Front end optimization
  • Server performance optimization
  • CDN purchase and implementation
  • Web hosting purchase and migration
  • DNS server optimization

Start with a Free Speed Test

Still wondering how fast or how slow your website in China is? Stop guessing – let Shifu do a free speed test for you. We have a network of servers across China and can give you a comprehensive speed test report that displays your website’s load speeds at difference places in China.

Need our help? Contact us to get a free quote today.