Tmall Store Registration and Management

China Ecommerce Solutions - Taobao is the largest online shopping platform in China. In 2012, the total transaction volume of Taobao and Tmall reached 1000 billion RMB, which is larger than the combined annual transactions of eBay and Amazon in the same year.

How We Help

Many overseas brands have set up official Taobao and Tmall stores to embrace the prosperity of e-commerce in China. If you are looking for ecommerce solutions in China but need help with Tmall management and marketing, Chinese SEO Shifu is ready to give you a hand.

Tmall Store Application and Setup

Tmall has a strict application process for overseas brands that want to join Tmall. Chinese SEO Shifu can help you with the whole process of setting up a Tmall store for your company, from handling legal papers, registering Alipay, to setting up the store and adding products.

Tmall/Taobao Store Management and Marketing

Is your Taobao/Tmall shop well set up so your potential customers can find you and buy your products easily? Are your store and product pages optimized so they have good rankings on Taobao’s onsite search engine? As a premier online marketing company in China, Chinese SEO Shifu offers performance-driven Tmall/Taobao store optimization that increases traffic and sales.

Tmall/Taobao PPC management

Taobao pay-per-click (直通车) advertising is a proven marketing platform for Tmall and Taobao stores. Chinese SEO Shifu can manage and optimize your Taobao PPC campaigns to improve budget-efficiency and conversion rates.

Shop Redesign

Let’s face it – a beautiful store sells much more than an ugly one. If you believe your current store design is not delivering, Chinese SEO Shifu can help you with a redesign for a better look and shopping experience.

Live Customer Support

Your store needs well-trained live online support that has the ability of converting visitors to buyers. Chinese SEO Shifu has patient and knowledgable online support staff who can bring your customers a better shopping experience.

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