How to set up location targeting in Baidu PPC Advertising

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location targeting
Location targeting in Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC allows advertisers to set up location targeting for their ads.

Location targeting helps you focus your ads on the areas where there are your potential customers, and restrict it in areas where there are not. This specific type of targeting can help increase your return on investment (ROI) on your Baidu ads as a result.

Advertisers can choose to target a specific location, such as an area, a province or a city in China. Advertisers can set it up at the account level and the campaign level.

Account level location targeting

Account level location targeting is the default location targeting for all the campaigns in the account unless a campaign has its own setting.

location targeting
Areas, provinces and cities

Campaign Level location targeting

Click a campaign on the campaign management page, then click location targeting.

The interface is the same with account-level location targeting, except the settings there will only be effective for the selected campaign only.

The settings for campaign level location targeting in an account overwrite the account level settings.