How to monitor campaign performance in Baidu PPC advertising?

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The most popular campaign performance monitoring tool is Baidu Analytics.

Baidu Analytics is Baidu’s official web traffic analysis tool. Just like how Google Analytics and Adwords work together, Baidu Analytics can be seamlessly integrated into Baidu Advertising.

Set up Baidu Analytics

To enable it, first log into your Baidu PPC account, and click Baidu Analytics (百度统计).

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Baidu Analytics

You will be taken to Baidu Analytics. Click add a site and type the domain name of your website there. It should be the same with the one in your Baidu PPC account. Of course, you can also add and track more sites, even if these websites are not what you will promote via Baidu advertising.

Grab the Tracking Codes

After adding the site there, you will go to the tracking codes page. Grab the tracking code and paste them before the </head> tag on all the pages you want to monitor.

The tracking codes should look like below

var _hmt = _hmt || [];
(function() {
  var hm = document.createElement("script");
  hm.src = "";
  var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
  s.parentNode.insertBefore(hm, s);

That’s it.

If you are familiar with how Google Analytics and AdWords work, the whole process should be a piece of cake.