Chinese Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Budget-efficient PPC management that helps you spend less and do more.

Chinese PPC Management Services

Chinese SEO Shifu has a great deal of experience in Chinese PPC management. As an expert on the art of spending less and doing more, Chinese SEO Shifu optimizes every aspect of your PPC campaign, to drive the target customers to your website at the lowest cost.

Our PPC management process

pay-per-click advertising management process

1. Business understanding.

This is the beginning of any marketing campaign. We will communicate with you to fully comprehend your services, products and marketing goals;

2. Keyword research.

After understanding your business goals, we match your services and products to the target search engine users, which are represented by the keywords. We leverage paid or free API protocols as well as tools developed by ourselves to build the most comprehensive keyword database for your campaign;

3. Account structure.

You PPC account structure should be a mirror of your business. Shifu can help you set up or reorganize your PPC account, to make it easier to maintain and expand;

4. Ads Writing.

Believe or not, in the PPC world, there is no good ads writing at all. All you have is data, and data can only tell you which of your ads doesn’t work. So we need to periodically add new ads, compare, and remove the inefficient ones with higher bounce rates and less conversions. The good news is that Chinese SEO Shifu can help you with them all.

5. Landing Page Design.

We help you build or choose the right landing pages, and do the same like when writing the ads: test new landing pages, compare and remove the ones that suck.

6. Data Monitoring & Analysis.

To help you spend less and do more, data analysis is crucial. We use popular traffic analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics, to monitor the data and dig into it to find the best solutions for your campaigns.

We cover all major Chinese PPC platforms:

  • Baidu PPC – Pay-per-click advertising on, the leading Chinese search engine.
  • Chinese Google Adwords
  • Soso Search & Display Network
  • Sogou Search & Display Network
  • Youdao Search Marketing
  • Renren Ads –  Renren is the leading Chinese SNS, and the way Renren Ads works is similar to Facebook Ads;
  • Taobao Express – Pay-per-click advertising service offered by


Our Clients

  • Client: Canada Tourism Commission
  • Client: Brewster
  • Client: Griaule
  • Client: Innovadex
  • Client: Microsoft
  • Client: Tourism Authority of Thailand Beijing Office
  • Client: Kung Fu English
  • Client: Study Mode

More clients of Chinese SEO Shifu


Sonia Saund, Project Coordinator, Fourth Dimension Inc.:

“I must say that working with Chinese SEO Shifu was a great experience overall. Shifu made sure that every request I had was completed on time and within budget, and they provided status updates on the project as it went on. I was very impressed with the level of communication that SEO Shifu offered, especially since we were collaborating from opposite ends of the world. Ryan was very professional, understanding and diligent when it came to the work contracted. I would definitely recommend SEO Shifu to anyone looking for Search Engine Optimization and/or translation services.”

Phi Vo, Online Marketing Director at StudyMode, Inc.:

“We are an international company with many sites in different languages, and it was difficult to find anyone with as much expertise as Ryan. Specifically, we needed to grow Baidu traffic quickly. Ryan helped us to chart a short and long term strategy for SEO that would work well in the Chinese market, and thus far we have seen great results. I would definitely recommend his expertise for websites or businesses looking for someone on the ground who knows how SEO and great sites should work in China. We’ve seen a tremendous growth in traffic and look forward to a long-term relationship with this company.”

Helen Zhao, Director of Sales & Marketing, Innovadex:

“We struggled in finding a SEO/SEM consultant specialized in baidu in the US. Luckily we found Ryan, who is located in China and speaks very good English. Ryan is knowledgeable, countable and easy to communicate with.”

Paul Coffey, Kung Fu English:

“Ryan’s team at Chinese SEO Shifu is our definition of an ideal partner. They are willing to spend time clearly explaining their suggested methods. They can be flexible on project terms if circumstances change. They are proactive in their communication and always looking to protect their clients’ interest. Just about any SEO “expert” can claim to know everything, and then deliver very little. Ryan and his team will outline what is reasonable to expect .. and then deliver even more.”

Richard Chmura, founder of

“Chinese SEO Shifu is very proficient and effective in Internet marketing and promotion. We can always count on the dedication, persistence and quality of work. Their polished and excellent command of English is of high value and ensures that communication is pleasant and effective. They are able to apply technology to marketing in a savvy way and have capability of bringing our organization’s services to a new market with astuteness.”