China CDN Solutions

Why do you need a CDN before entering China?

Let’s admit it – you can NOT say a website is a good one if it takes 10 seconds to load.

Here at Chinese SEO Shifu, we always prioritize the performance of your website before everything else. If we could offer only one piece of advice about website optimization, with or without SEO in mind, it would be reducing your load time down to below 3 seconds.

There is a long list of best practices for making your website faster, and CDN is definitely one of the most effective.

Your website is hosted outside China

Hosting your website in China may not be an available option and you have to host it somewhere else. But that can’t be an excuse for slow load speed for your Chinese visitors.

Using a China-based CDN service can significant boost your site’s performance, especially when your site has a lot of static resources, such as images, videos, CSS and JavaScript files.

Your site is hosted in China, but you still want to further speed it up.

Seriously, who would complain a website is too fast? Although your website is hosted in China, using CDN to make it faster is still a good idea, because it’s all about speed.

What can Chinese SEO Shifu do for you?

From finding the right Chinese CDN service provider to implementation, Chinese SEO Shifu will help you with every step in making your website fully benefit from the use of CDN.

Why Chinese SEO Shifu?

  • We have worked with many local CDN vendors and know which is the best choice for your company.
  • We keep your budget in mind.
  • We can seamlessly integrate CDN to your website.

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