What Is Baidu Zhida

At Baidu World Conference 2014 held in Beijing on September 3rd, Baidu introduced a new service named Baidu Zhida.

Posted by Ryan Chooai on 2014-09-08

At Baidu World Conference 2014 held in Beijing on September 3rd, Baidu introduced a new service named Baidu Zhida.

Baidu Zhida

I assume Pinyin may kill a large portion of our readers, so first let me make sure you don’t confuse Baidu Zhida (Baidu Non-stop Train) with Baidu Zhidao (Baidu Knows), the Q&A platform.

So, what’s Baidu Zhida?

Baidu Zhida is based on Baidu Light App, a free mobile site/app creation tool with basic features as well as advanced protocols. You can not only use the existing templates and modules of Baidu Light App to create a very functional mobile site, but also leverage the APIs for more powerful features.

What makes Baidu Zhida special is by inputting “@your-company-name” in the search box of Baidu Mobile, users can directly go to the official mobile site of your company, instead of the normal mobile search result page.

Will Baidu Zhida be a success?

My answer is yes.

I’m quite optimistic about the future of Baidu Zhida and Baidu Light App, because Baidu Zhida really solves the pains of enterprises, especially small businesses, at least in two ways:

  1. Zero or low-cost mobile site creation solutions. By using Baidu Light App, you can create a functional HTML5 site/app in ten minutes, without sucking up to your IT guys or coughing up money to hire a web design company.
  2. Since users can directly go to your official mobile site by searching “@your-company-name”, your cost of brand keywords in Baidu pay-per-click advertising will decrease.

Why Baidu wants you to get a mobile site free?

Because Baidu’s main source of revenue is Baidu pay-per-click advertising. By giving business owners free mobile sites, Baidu will see more companies, who previously don’t have mobile sites and are reluctant to try Baidu PPC on mobile devices, start to investing (more).

How to get your own Baidu Zhida account?

For now, Baidu Zhida is still invitation-only. But I think it will be soon available to everyone, as mobile is one of the strategic focuses of today’s Baidu.

If you are an impatient guy like me, you can request an invitation by emailing [email protected], in the following format:

Subject: 申请直达号邀请码—Your Company Name

Content: Company name, company introduction, main contact, and phone number.

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