The inputT variable of the URL of Baidu

Posted by Ryan on 2011-06-08

Recently I have noticed a major change to the URL of Baidu’s search result pages, as shown below:

Baidu SERP

Baidu has added a new variable “inputT” to the URL of its search result pages.

What is it?

The inputT variables’s function is quite straightforward, although Baidu doesn’t give any official announcement, many webmasters believe inputT represents “input time”.

How does it work?

It records how much time you spend typing in the search box, starting when you begin typing and ending when you press enter or the search button.

Why the hell does Baidu add this new variable?

To fight against spam.

For example, like Google, Baidu can give users keyword suggestions when users type in the search box. The keywords suggested are mostly chosen based on the search volume of those queries.

So a very common way of spamming on Baidu is to fake the search volume of certain keywords so the search box can suggest the keywords.

For example, you sell Nike shoes and want to be found when users search for the term “Nike shoes” on Baidu. But the keyword is just so hot that you seem can never make it. However, when people search for “Nike shoes your brandname”, you do get good rankings, so why not increase the chance of making people search for “Nike shoes your brandname”? And it would be great if Baidu can suggest “Nike shoes your brandname” when people search for “Nike shoes”, right?

Then fake searches come.

The fake searches are automated by softwares and the input time of all the requests are probably the same. So with this new variable, Baidu can recognize this characteristic and find the certain groups of search requests that are suspicious, and do punishments.

If you are good at javascript, you can dig deeper into the codes on Baidu’s homepage.

What? You are more interested in more spam methods on Baidu than the post itself? Get out!

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