Surprising Chinese SEO Fact - Link-building doesn’t have to use links

Posted by Ryan on 2010-12-29

How to build backlinks is an all-time popular topic in the SEO world. We talk about anchor texts, Page Rank, dofollow&nofollow attributes… but do you know when building “link”s for Baidu rankings, you don’t have to really build links.

Rank Fishkin calls this “Mentions of a domain” (, although so far no evidences supports Google takes mentions of a domain into account as votes for the site.

But for Chinese search engine Baidu, it does.

Say I leave my website address “” simply as text somewhere on the Internet and do not insert any link in it, can it be counted as an inbound link to and improve its rankings by Baidu?

Absolutely, and usually, the effect is not so bad.

So what is the difference between plain-text website addresses and links with anchor texts to SEO for Baidu?

According to my experience, plain-text addresses improve the weight of the whole website. On the other hand, links with anchor texts help you rank better for certain keywords.

English search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have repeatedly reminded SEOs of the importance of a diverse link profile, and it seems Baidu is catching up.

So wherever you are, looking natural matters, and using mentions of domains is definitely a good way to help you look natural and reliable to bots and spiders.

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