Some questions and answers from Baidu Webmaster Club

Posted by Ryan on 2011-05-23

Baidu by now doesn’t have a public webmaster community but a “Matt Cutts” at Baidu Webmaster Club, which is invitation-only.

His name is Lee, who is a search engineer at Baidu. Below are some recent questions aroused by some lucky webmasters and answered by Lee:

Question: Does Gzip affect SEO?

Lee: No, but usually Gzip makes your site faster, which means spiders can crawl more pages each time they go to your site.

Question: “I once 301 redirect domain A to domain B, now I want to redirect domain B to domain A, will A still keep it weight?”

Lee: Yes but it needs some time for search engines to react to this and examine. (sounds a little dangerous to me…)

Question: can I customize Baiduspider’s crawl rate and time, like only allowing spiders to crawl my site during 2AM to 9AM?

Lee: Sorry you can’t. But we are currently busy developing Baidu Webmaster Tools, which will have more customization options for crawl rate.

Question: Will 301 redirection accumulate weight from both domains, or “overwrite” the weight of the old domain with the new domain?

Lee: the domain weights will be accumulated. (That is why your competitor won’t ruin your domain weight by simply pointing a “light-weighted” domain)

Question: Is .hk domain hated? Are .cn, .com and .org domains still favored?

Lee: No, we don’t prefer any sorts of domains.

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