Social Responsibility of Internet Marketers

Posted by Ryan on 2010-12-20

“We are Internet marketers, and we help our websites and search engines work as a better information source for Internet users.”

No need to put your hand on the bible.

Yeah, I know Internet marketers are also marketers, and marketers are born to sell stuff. According to Wikipedia, “Marketing is the process of performing market research, selling products and/or services to customers and promoting them via advertising to further enhance sales.” (

But we should also remember our social responsibilities. Internet marketers can be powerful, because in some way, we “decide” what will be seen by the Internet users and what not. The better marketing skills you have, the more often you should remind yourself of this point, just as Spiderman says – “with great power comes great responsibility”.

To name a few, when promoting adult products, you should also include how to minimize the visibility to kids into your marketing strategy and plan, or if you work for a pharmaceutical company, you should avoid using misleading information in your campaign.

Further, do you consider giving a special offer for charities? Or spend some of your spare time as a social worker with your Internet marketing skills?

I am not preaching, just do what you can.

What is Chinese SEO Shifu doing to be a responsible company? Below are some:

  • If you are a charitable organization, Chinese SEO Shifu is always happy to give you free advices and, if you decide to work with us, our best quote;
  • We don’t serve any corporates, organizations or individuals if we believe services or products you offer are filthy or illegal, defined by common moral standards or International laws;
  • In our office, we are always trying to reduce the use of paper products and other things made from trees;
  • As a company in the information technology sector, saving electricity is one of our office rules, like when purchasing new computers and devices, energy efficiency of those products is one of our main concerns;

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