Top 8 Rules for WeChat Marketing

Social media marketing on WeChat is a little tricky, as I previously wrote about. However, if you already have an existing user base on other social media platforms like Weibo, you may as well bring them to your WeChat account.

Yesterday I shared the slides below at a small local meetup, covering 8 rules that we think the most important for WeChat marketing.

Feel free to check it out:

Top 8 Rules for WeChat Marketing from Chinese SEO Shifu

Whether you are an experienced WeChat marketer or are just about to get on WeChat, your comments are always welcomed.

WeChat is Becoming Bad for Marketing

Being honest, I did believe and was excited WeChat’s Public Accounts could become another Weibo as a platform that is suitable for online marketing, with its huge user base of 400 million users that’s still further increasing at a fast pace.

But with a series of recent changes to WeChat’s policies as well as personal observations, my belief shakes and the excitement is cooling down.

Free Chinese Social Media Icons for Popular SNS in China

This icon set includes the icons for popular Chinese social media websites, including Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, RenRen, Kaixin, and QZone.

Kudos for our graphic design shifu Wu Kang, who spent his last Thursday night creating and polishing this icon set. According to him, that night was intended for a date, but it is widely believed in our company that it was just another night of Angry-Birding for him.

Anyway, many thanks to Wu Kang!


Happy Year of the Dragon !

Happy Year of the Dragon

Dragon is snake wearing Christmas deer antlers! 

Check Your Weibo Influence with MiuJia

MiuJia is a Weibo influence analysis tool, specifically targeting Sina and Tencent Weibo. It generates simple yet insightful reports and charts, and most importantly, you don’t have to login, and you can look at not only your own data, but also that of your competitors or anyone else with a Weibo account.

The homepage of MiuJia has a similar interface like a search engine. All you need to do is input a Weibo nickname, then search, like you have done millions of times on Google. Today I will use Mr Kai-Fu Lee’s Weibo account for demonstration purpose.

Miujia Homepage

What Is Sina Weibo Anyway?

Merely a copycat of Twitter?

When it comes to talking about Sina Weibo, many of my foreign friends tend to explain it as “a copycat of Twitter”. This kind of makes sense, since both of them are microblogging platforms, where you can only post short messages of up to 140 words.

However, a simple definition like “Twitter’s copycat” doesn’t really tell what Sina Weibo is, because when you really put your hands on it, you can find so many differences between them.

So what is Sina Weibo anyway?

Sina Weibo = Twitter + Blog + IM + Multimedia

Sina Weibo


First, Weibo is a microblogging platform that works like Twitter. You can post updates within 140 words, insert links in your updates, and follow people you are interested in.

That is exactly the way you play with Twitter.

Baidu Supports Weibo Search Now

Last weekend, during a random search for some news topic on Baidu, I happened to see something interesting as shown below. It seems Baidu has integrated weibo content into its search results:

We can see Tencent, Netease and Sohu Weibo have started allowing Baidu to access their data to synchronize the weibo content stream.

Sina Weibo IM, Never A Strategy to Take Down Tencent QQ

The Insider Story:

I believe many of you have been invited to try the new version of Sina Weibo, then you should observe that there is something new – yes, it is instant messaging.

Inevitably, this leads to the assumption it is a move Sina takes to steal the pie from Tencent’s plate.

I thought so too, until recently I got the chance to talk to an old friend of mine who joined Sina last year and happen to be a project manager for Sina Open Platform now. Below is the not-so-sensitive part of the conversation:

“No, Weibo IM is never intended to target QQ”, he said.

“Interesting. Then what is the Weibo IM for?”

How to Get a Renren Fan Page

Latest update on 2012-05-24:

Getting a Renren fan page is now much easier than when the post below was written. Renren fan page is publicly available. You can simply follow the link to get your own Renren fan page.

1. Pick a page type:

Renren fan page type

2. Verify your contact information including your cell phone number

Your Renren fan page is ready – now you can add content and interact with your fans!


The Renren fan page registration guide below is out of date. Please refer to the information above.

China’s leading social networking site has recently made fan page registration open to the public. That means all legal enterprises, universities, governments and other organizations are able to create an official fan page of their own now.

Renren fan page 1

Baidu Share – social sharing service from Baidu

First, an attributive clause to add to the title: which I think you should stay away as far as possible.

A while ago I wrote a post titled “China, One Share Button Away“, in which I introduced some social bookmarking and sharing services that are popular in the local market of China.

Now a new one has come and joined them – Baidu Share, the social sharing button brought by Baidu.

Baidu Share