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Posted by David on 2011-07-29

Recently a client of mine asked me if they should use a Chinese CMS for SEO purpose. I said no, because I don’t really see any obvious advantage besides the encoding in a Chinese CMS.

But if you are planning to start a Chinese site from zero, Chinese content management systems can be an option for you, especially when you want to set up a news portal or a forum targeting the Chinese users. Below are some of the most popular Chinese CMS that I would like to share with you:

1. DeDe CMS

DeDe CMS is a simple to use&install open source CMS that can be run on both IIS and Apache. It is one of the most popular open source programs here in China, which has created around 1 million websites here.

The default layout is a news portal-like website, which can be easily customized into a blog or an enterprise site.

But as a SEO, I have to say DeDe CMS is somewhat an itch in the neck, which means its core frame and templates are not very search engine friendly.

Download: GBK / UTF8

2. Discuz

Discuz is the most popular open source forum CMS written in PHP. It is an awesome tool compared even with some popular English programs like phpBB board and Pligg. It is free for private users and charges around 500 USD for a commercial license.

As a SEO, my personal favorite is Discuz X1.5. Its default settings are very search engine friendly compared with Discuz 7.x.

Download: GBK / UTF8 / BIG5

3. Z-Blog

Different from WordPress, Z-Blog is a open source blog system based on ASP. It is very customizable with the support of many free themes and plugins. What is more, it is search engine friendly.

If you would like to set up a Chinese blog on a Windows server, I seriously recommend you going with Z-Blog.

Download: Z-Blog 1.8 Walle

4. UCenter Home

UCenter Home is an open source social networking sites CMS from the same company, and can be easily integrated with Discuz.

Download: link

5. XWeibo

XWeibo is an open source micro-blogging platform officially released and supported by Sina Weibo. Based on PHP&MySQL, XWeibo is a great enterprise micro-blogging solution. What’s better, it originally supports a variety of Weibo APIs and can be easily integrated with Sina Weibo.

Download: link

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