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Dominate Navigational Searches on Baidu

It can still be a challenge to have good rankings for branded keywords on Baidu - follow this post to secure navigation searches for your brand on Baidu.

How to Optimize HTTPS Sites for Baidu

Optimizing HTTPS sites for Baidu is tricky. This blog post makes it easier by giving you step-to-step guidance.

Force Baidu Not to Convert Your Site for Mobile

Baidu automatically converts websites for "better" user experience on mobile devices. This can be annoying - learn how to force Baidu not to convert your site.

What Is Baidu Zhida

Baidu Zhida is based on Baidu Light App, a free mobile site/app creation tool with basic features as well as advanced protocols.

Common Misunderstandings About Baidu

Read the most common misunderstandings about Baidu, and see whether the news you heard about Baidu is true.

Google Fonts Unstable in China – Here is How to Fix It

Google Fonts is blocked in China. This blog post gives instructions on how to quickly fix it and makes your site able to use Google Fonts in China again.