Keyword or Brand That is the Question for a Domain

Posted by Ryan on 2011-01-12

Brand or keywords, that is the question many business owners are faced with when choosing a domain for their website.

I have met a few clients that already did some homework on SEO before coming to me. They seemed very eager to get a domain name stuffed with keywords, although they already have reputable brands.

My advice is “No, you don’t have to.”

Yes, we know that keywords in URL can be beneficial for improvement on your websites’ positions in SERPs, but in the long run, it is your brand that makes your business.

In today’s market, competitions are everywhere. No matter what you do, there are a bunch of competitors waiting to elbow you out. SERPs can be a vivid example for the rat race. Your competitors’ websites have similar titles and body content because they offer similar services and products.

Customers can remember what you do or what you offer, but may confuse them with that of your competitors’, because they don’t remember who you are.

That is why I don’t recommend you a domain name solely consisting of keywords.

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