Google switched CEO – Chief Executive Optimization?

Posted by Ryan on 2011-01-21

So everybody knows that Google’s CEO has changed – co-founder Larry Page has replaced Eric Schmidt to be Google’s new CEO at the beginning of the year of 2011.

Putting other things aside, what may this influence Internet marketers?

We all know that Google has been doing a significantly great job as the leading search engine, but not very well in social media world. Orkut, Google Wave, Google Group… none of them has earned a great reputation and popularity that live up to the name of Google.

What is more, Facebook and Twitter are encroached on Google’s territory both in advertising and distributing online content.

“One of the things missing from Google’s strategy has been the social component,” Gartner’s Weiner said. “I think the ability to move on a major social-networking strategy may come more easily from a younger CEO.” In fact, Google’s struggles with the social Web may have played a part in the CEO switch, he said.

Difficulties faced in overseas markets still exist. In high-increasing markets such as Chinam Japan and Russia, the local search engines are still leading the markets with an outstanding advantage.

Can Google’s move of switching CEO be a Chief Executive Optimization? Well we have to wait and see in 2011.

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