Baidu Says Do Not Use Rare Domain Extensions

New TLDs look so awesome, right? But avoid using them if Baidu SEO is a concern.

Posted by Ryan Chooai on 2017-04-01

Baidu has recently released an article regarding how they look at the new TLDs such as .top, .win and .co, and whether webmasters and companies should use these domains.

The short answer is no. Baidu simply recommends avoiding using those domains.

That’s because most of the domains are cheaper than the more common TLDs such as .com, which makes those domains ideal choices for spammers.

So Baidu usually assigns less domain trust to these domains.

Presumption of guilt, isn’t it? Well, welcome to the world of machine learning…

However, if you are not a spammer and seriously can not resist the coolness of the new TLDs, go ahead and don’t forget to register your site with Baidu Webmaster Tools.

Although Baidu may regard your website less trustworthy because of the domain in the beginning, there are so many other ranking signals and I’m sure you can win trust from Baidu elsewhere if you do good SEO, such as creating quality content and acquring backlinks from good, authentice sites.

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