All Websites Should Use DNSPod in China

DNSPod is a Chinese intelligent DNS hosting service provider

Posted by Ryan on 2012-12-25

DNSPod is a Chinese intelligent DNS hosting service provider launched in in March, 2006 and acquired by Tencent in August 2011 . By July 2012, DNSPod has over 500 thousand users, supporting more than 800 thousand domains and processing around 10 billion requests per day.


Before telling you why I think all websites should use it, I’d like to add some explanations on how DNS works and why intelligent DNS hosting is necessary in China:

How DNS servers work

A DNS server resolves domain names to IP addresses. When someone types your domain name in the browser and tries to access it, the request first goes to the corresponding DNS server, which maps the domain to the IP address of your server that hosts your site, then the connection starts and your server begins to respond to the request. Many domain registrars have their own DNS servers. For example, GoDaddy has DNS servers in U.S. and the DNS server records of GoDaddy are like

Why intelligent DNS hosting is necessary


The major advantage of using intelligent DNS hosting is that an intelligent DNS hosting service has a large network of DNS servers across the country and even globally, and (theoretically) always uses the fastest DNS server to do the mapping between the domain and the IP address based on the location of the request and the network conditions.

For example, a user from Shanghai wants to visit your website hosted in North America. If you are using an intelligent DNS hosting, the request from the Shanghai user will go to a DNS server in or near Shanghai, chosen dynamically from the network of DNS servers by the service provider, instead of a U.S-based DNS server.


For no apparent reasons, some of the DNS servers of major domain registrars like GoDaddy are occasionally blocked in China.

Using intelligent DNS can well protect your website from an unnecessary nightmare like this, in which your DNS servers are under attack, down or banned.


Say you have a bunch of domains from different registrars. With intelligent DNS, you can manage them all in one place. Also, most DNS hosting services have their service panels well optimized for user experience, so it’s much easier to add/remove/edit domain records there.

Why DNSPod is great

DNSPod is Chinese SEO Shifu’s favorite and we have been recommending it to our clients . There are also other good DNS hosting services like Amazon Route 53, but DNSPod still seems the best, especially to those who want to improve their website performance in China.

Here are a few cool features DNSPod has:

  • Unlimited number of domains and records;
  • DNS attack detection and protection. ;
  • Automatic switch between primary production servers and standby servers;
  • Search engine indexation improvement: DNSPod has partnerships with major Chinese search engines including Baidu and SOSO, and automatically push new domains to them;
  • Very powerful free version!

If you are entering China, I seriously recommend you to give DNSPod a try.

If you need help with China web hosting, you can read this page.

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