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Posted by Ryan on 2011-03-27

Bookmarking and sharing services are nothing new to the social media marketing experts. In the English world, there are AddThis, ShareThis, AddtoAny, etc, which are quite simple to use yet powerful for sharing and data analysis. But when it comes to Chinese social media marketing, none of the buttons above works – the reason is simple: the integrated social networking sites are not where the Chinese people’s friends and relatives are – they use Chinese SNS instead.

So today I am sharing with you the 4 major Chinese social media share buttons, which I hope can make it easier for you to leverage the power of Chinese social media sites for your online marketing campaigns that is targeting China.

1. bShare (

Chinese social media share button: bShare

2. JiaThis (

Chinese social media share button: jiathis

3. Passit (

Chinese social media share button: passit

4. AddThis CN (

addthis cn

5. Baidu Share Button (

I have another post specifically written about Baidu Share Button.

You may be expecting a detailed review for each of them. I thought of this too until I found actually in terms of functions and user experience, they don’t really make any differences, just like the English ones you are already familiar with.

So the only reason why you pick one of them over the other three would be the style, I guess.

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