Check Your Weibo Influence with MiuJia

MiuJia is a Weibo influence analysis tool, specifically targeting Sina and Tencent Weibo. It generates simple yet insightful reports and charts, and most importantly, you don’t have to login, and you can look at not only your own data, but also that of your competitors or anyone else with a Weibo account.

The homepage of MiuJia has a similar interface like a search engine. All you need to do is input a Weibo nickname, then search, like you have done millions of times on Google. Today I will use Mr Kai-Fu Lee’s Weibo account for demonstration purpose.

Miujia Homepage

After searching, we get a list of accounts related to Lee’s Weibo username, both from Sina and Tencent Weibo:

Lee's Weibo accounts

I’m more interested in how influential Lee is on Sina Weibo, and after clicking on his Sina Weibo, we have a social influence report that mainly includes three parts:

1. μ score

μ score

Lee gets a μ score of 98. This is an excellent score, as μ ranges from 0 to 100 on MiuJia.

According to MiuJia, μ score is what they have developed to comprehensively evaluate a person’s influence on Weibo.

To calculate μ score, MiuJia looks at a serial of metrics and signals, including update content quality, update frequency, verification status, quantity&quality of followers, retweets, [email protected] updates from other people and comments, percentage of reciprocal followers, and areas followers cover.

2. Influential areas:

influential areas report

On the left we see several colored bubbles, each of which represents an area Lee is influential in. The bigger the bubble is, the more influential. On the right there is a list of followers that are also influential in one or more specific areas, in a descending order of μ scores.

A little off-topic search stuff:

We can see the data update time is 2011-12-10. I talked to someone behind Miujia and got to know that their crawling system is based on both Weibo APIs and general crawlers, as the APIs have very strict limitations on the number of daily requests.

3. Interests:

social interests report

The third part of the report is about the social interests of Lee, and his followers:

The pie chart covers topics Lee is interested in, and upon clicking on each slice of the pie, we also get a flash-based tag cloud.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, MiuJia is nothing complicated, but when you want to have a quick look at how your competitors are doing on Weibo, or prepare a list of topics for a date with a lady who has a Weibo account, MiuJia is ideal.

I know you are rubbing you hands, try it yourself:

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