Baidu Will Punish Irrelevant Onsite Search Result Pages

Stop over-optimizing using your onsite search

Posted by Ryan on 2013-09-16

How to get traffic when you have little content? Well, before Panda, you could do a keyword research, set up tons of static onsite search result or directory pages listing the limited content you have, and hopefully get some of them ranked.

And you would very possibly automate the creation of the pages.

With no doubt, these pages have irrelevant, duplicate, or irrelevant & duplicate content, and can be easily spot and get punished by Google today.

Now, finally, Baidu decides to take actions against the trick of irrelevant onsite SERPs too.

According to a recent article published on the Baidu Webmaster Wiki​, Baidu’s recent anti-spam update will severely punish websites with large numbers of irrelevant search result pages. Below is an example:

screenshot of an irrelevant onsite SERP

So, if you are involved in the trick above, you can’t find a better time to start to get rid of it than now.

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