Baidu Supports Weibo Search Now

Posted by Nicole on 2011-11-07

Last weekend, during a random search for some news topic on Baidu, I happened to see something interesting as shown below. It seems Baidu has integrated weibo content into its search results:

We can see Tencent, Netease and Sohu Weibo have started allowing Baidu to access their data to synchronize the weibo content stream.

It is also interesting that we don’t see Sina Weibo here. It is very possible that Sina turns down the deal Baidu offers.

For now Baidu Weibo Search doesn’t seem support all queries, which means you don’t always see it in the search result page. However, you can follow the url to see the weibo search results for whatever queries:

Just replace “Your_Keyword” with whatever keyword you like.

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