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Search engines love microdata. Baidu does too.

Posted by David on 2014-03-31

As SEOs, we all remember the old days when search engines were so dumb that they purely relied on meta tags to “understand” the content of a webpage.

Although today’s search engines have much stronger and more intelligent text analysis abilities, webpage parsing can still be a challenge in many cases, given the fact that the websites and web apps are becoming increasingly complicated.

That’s why search engines so love microdata.


However, not like search engines like Google, Bing and other advocates for microdata, Baidu goes another way – it extends the Sitemap protocol with a series of XML tags and elements, and encourages webmasters to submit their content using the new standards, with the latest move of releasing a structured data plugin for WordPress.

Instead of inserting microdata markup to your WordPress site, Baidu’s plugin automatically creates Baidu-friendly Sitemap files and informs Baiduspider to crawl them.

The URL of the Sitemap file is something similar as below.


A glimpse of the source codes


So if your Chinese website is based on WordPress, you may want to give the plugin a try.

Download the plugin:

Since this plugin is newly released, you are very welcomed to share your thoughts, experience and issues, and Shifu will be happy to have discussions with you.

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