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Posted by Ryan on 2011-06-24

First, an attributive clause to add to the title: which I think you should stay away as far as possible.

A while ago I wrote a post titled “China, One Share Button Away“, in which I introduced some social bookmarking and sharing services that are popular in the local market of China.

Now a new one has come and joined them – Baidu Share, the social sharing button brought by Baidu.

Baidu Share

If you know Baidu well, you should have already expected that this new toy is invitation only, just like other new stuff from Baidu.

————————–I am the awesome dividing line—————————————

Okay, I am going to be straightforward and below is why I think you should stay away from the new service offered by Baidu:

Today’s game for commercial search engines has changed (largely or a little, what do you think?) – by algorithms, let’s take Google as the standard and assign a score of 90 points. Then what about other search engines? Bing may get a 80, 75, Baidu 70…higher or lower, whatever – in the old days, these search engines that are left behind might try harder on algorithms, hardwares, and so on, to make themselves appear more competitive in the market.

Then some day, a smart boy realized that actually they don’t need perfect algorithms at all – all search engines need to do is please the users, namely, presenting the users with what most of them like!

And compared with algorithms, a better way is to mine the user data, which is more direct, and more powerful.

This is pretty easy to understand – with the user data, you know what your users like and dislike. This is like the super power of mind reading.

There are many possible methods that search engines can use to collect user data – browsers, toolbars, click stream data, cookies, etc. Being evil or not, they are trying every possible way to collect the data.

These days social media sites are hot, and social buttons are good ways to share what you read on the Internet with your connections in the communities where you usually hang out. This can bring your site more visitors if your readers love what you offer. Besides that, today’s social sharing services are also integrated with basic data analysis functions, which you can use to figure out what your users like and dislike on your site.

This information is valuable to search engines too, and they have no reason giving them up.

However, this is just the reason why I think you should stay away from a social sharing service offered by any search engine. It is simple – what if the user data from your site sends negative signals to search engines?

For example, you currently rank no.1 for the keyword “Christmas trees”. You get a number of visitors every day for that keyword. You have installed Baidu Share to make it easier for visitors to share your stuff. But it seems your visitors are not using the button. Maybe it is because the main user group of your site is senior citizens that don’t have Facebook and Twitter accounts, or some other reason that stops them from using the share buttons. Then the service provider (a search engine) collects the data and find this, and it may think “hmmm, this guy offers what people don’t want to share, so maybe he doesn’t deserve the no.1 ranking…”

You don’t want this happen to you, right?

Takeaway: use a third party social sharing button and let search engine buttons go away!

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