Baidu SEO and 301 Redirect

Posted by Ryan on 2011-03-29

Well today I am not going to talk about any general SEO topics or a technical tutorial about 301 redirection. I am going to, again, present you something interesting on Baidu. If you are interested in Chinese SEO too, you should read on.

From my yesterday’s findings, I want to tell you that you should never expect Baidu itself to find your preferred domain, like you can count on Google, and always use 301 redirection to set your preferred domain.

Thank you for standing for the two confusing&boring paragraphs, below is what I found yesterday accidentally:

I was looking to install Evernote on my other laptop, so I searched “Evernote” on Baidu, but interestingly, I ran across a SERP like this:

For some reason, Evernote doesn’t redirect their top level domain to their second level, and both of them return a 200 status. Google treats this well, automatically (or not, for example, set within Google Webmaster Tools) recognizing as the preferred domain. But Baidu seems confused, ranking both of the two domains instead.

Well navigational searches may be the main traffic source from search engines for Evernote, but anyway should I drop Evernote an email to suggest them doing Baidu a favor?

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