Baidu Q4 2010 Market Share Reached 75.5%

Posted by Ryan on 2011-01-28

According to statistics from Q4 2010 Chinese Search Engine Market Watch by Enfodesk, Baidu’s total market share had reached 75.5%. On the other hand, Google, whose market share continued to drop during the past two quarters, took up only 19.6%, the first time of dropping below 20% since 2007.

Baidu kept its good leading position and left others far behind in Q4 2010. It maintained an upward trend during the past 3 quarters with the help of launching Baidu Open Platform and other products and services, which attracted more advertisers to choose Baidu as their major search engine marketing platform. Unstable factors within Google’s strategies and cooperations made Google’s market share go down, although the total revenue of Google in 2010 increased.

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