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Posted by Ryan on 2011-02-13

As a SEO, I do love Internet, because every morning you wake up, there are things new and exciting waiting for you.

Recently I have just found something really interesting, especially to Chinese webmasters and Baidu SEO’s – Baidu “Page Rank” Checker.

The official name of the Baidu PR checker is Ai Zhan (Love Web), and after playing it for a couple of hours these days, I find the humble-looking site is actually not bad, not at all.

I have checked the Baidu PR of a couple of big Chinese sites – Baidu has a full score of 10, Sina’s Baidu PR is 10 too. , well, has a score of 8. I doubted if it is because it is an English site, so I tried, but its Baidu PR is 8 too.

What is more interesting is the keyword data Ai Zhan displays below the Baidu PR score – top keywords of your website.

If a website has more than 50 visits referred from Baidu per day, then Ai Zhan will generate a list of top keywords of your website. This can be a very powerful tool if you want to study your competitors.

You may be doubting if the data is accurate or not – I did. But my doubts were somewhat cleared when I tried more websites, because the percentage of navigational search, informational search and transactional search makes sense to me, and most importantly, I tried some sites of my own, the data is 90%+ accurate.

Okay I am sure you are rubbing your hands now – try it at

Now I am wondering where Ai Zhan gets the fantastic data…

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