Baidu Launches Heat Map Analysis on January 10th, 2011

Posted by David on 2011-01-10

On January 10th, China’s leading search engine launched its official web page heat map service, claiming it is the first free heat map analysis service in the world.

It is not available to the public yet. There are three ways for you to have your hands on it:

  • Baidu Phoenix Nest Baidu PPC advertisers can directly contact Baidu to open their heat map accounts.
  • Baidu Union publishers can get access to Baidu Heat Map Analysis by redeeming 50 credits within their Baidu Union accounts.
  • Webmasters can apply for Baidu Heap Map Analysis by emailing your applications at [email protected]

I own several Baidu Phoenix Nest accounts so I will contact Baidu to open up my heatmap account, and giving more updates on it.

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