Baidu CNY Updates Canonical Crawl-delay and Disavow Tool

Baidu has rolled three important updates during the new year

Posted by Ryan on 2013-03-02

The Chinese New Year is a very big day to all Chinese people and usually nobody is at work, but surprisingly, Baidu seems to have rolled out quite a few updates during the period – below are three of them that I think very important to SEOs:

Baidu Supports the Canonical Tag Now

In February, Baidu made an official statement that it supports the canonical tag now. In Baidu’s announcement, Baidu said webmasters and SEOs can add the canonical tag to the section of the non-canonical versions of a web page, to tell Baidu which is the canonical page, to avoid duplicate content issues.

However, Baidu didn’t mention if it supports the Link rel=”canonical” HTTP header or not, so SEOs and webmasters still need to reply on alternative ways to solve duplicate content issues for PDFs and other file types that are indexable by Baidu.

Another thing to note is that Baidu doesn’t guarantee the canonical page set by you will always be the page it chooses. Other factors may affect Baidu’s decision on a canonical page. For example, if Baidu believes a non-canonical page has more valuable, user-favored content than a canonical page, Baidu may choose the non-canonical page instead of the canonical one.

Baidu Ignores Crawl-Delay

Baidu Server Load Test

Baidu recently announced that it doesn’t support the Crawl-delay directive in robots.txt. But if you believe Baiduspider causes load issues on your server, you can use the load-testing tool within Baidu Webmaster Tools, to customize the crawl frequency of Baiduspider.

Baidu Has Disavow Tool Now

Google introduced the Disavow Links Tool last year and this time, Baidu follows quite quickly – in March 2013, Baidu introduced their own version of Disavow Tool, letting SEOs remove the links they think harmful for the SEO performance of their websites on Baidu.

Now Baidu Disavow Tool has gone public. Follow the link to the tool here: (Baidu has put the tool offline in July, 2015).

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