Use Baidu Bookmarks to Speed up Indexation

Posted by Ryan on 2011-03-25

Baidu Bookmarks is the social bookmarking tool of Baidu. But being honest, I did not like it…the user interface is humble, without any outstanding functions – What is lamer, you can only import bookmarks from other social bookmarking services into Baidu Bookmarks but not export them…until I found, we can use Baidu Bookmarks to speed up the indexation of our websites on Baidu.

1. How to do it?

Just bookmark the website or web page in Baidu Bookmarks, and wait for Baiduspider-favo, the user-agent of Baidu Bookmarks, to come to your website.

2. Any proof?

I designed a small experiment like a year ago, in which I created some very hierarchically deep pages under a new domain of mine, without any inbound links to make them found by Baiduspider.

For the sample pages I added to a Baidu Bookmarks account of mine, it seems once you bookmarked the websites, Baiduspider-favo would go to the to URLs right away, usually within seconds. And within 24 hours, the bookmarked websites showed up in the search results on the public bookmark search of Baidu Bookmarks.

I checked the server logs later, and found these URLs were being visited quite frequently by Baiduspider-favo, then as expected, Baiduspider, the main user-agent of Baidu web search came, starting to crawl these pages.

3. A small summary:

  • The IP range of Baiduspider-favo is 61.135.190.xx, it is pretty wide – from my experiment, there were more than 50.
  • Baiduspider-favo goes to only URLs that are bookmarked. It doesn’t follow links on the pages.
  • Once a page is bookmarked, Baiduspider-favo goes there right away, and within seconds, a screenshot of the page is created.
  • Baiduspider, the main user-agent of Baidu web search, takes the signals sent by Baiduspider-favo, and crawls these URLs.

For those who are not familiar with Baidu, below is the full list of Baidu’s user-agents:

Baidu’s services: User-agent:
Web Search Baiduspider
Image Search Baiduspider-image
Video Search Baiduspider-video
News Search Baiduspider-news
Baidu Bookmarks Baiduspider-favo
Baidu Union Baiduspider-cpro
Baidu PPC Baiduspider-ads

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