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Posted by Ryan on 2011-01-02

Latest update on 2011-4-28: Nofollow now works for Baidu.

There have been quite a few talks about the relationship between nofollow and link juice. We all know that the concept of “nofollow” was designed by Google’s head of web spam team Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen from, so we can know for sure that since Google brought it up, it goes with it.

Baidu, with its official guidebook released earlier this year, announced that it fully supported “nofollow” attribute too. But a small and simple experiment I did around a month ago makes me doubt it.

Here is how my experiment went:

Step 1: Write a post on an old site of mine and add a link pointing to

Step 2: add very odd anchor text to the link, which Baidu gives no results back when being searched.

Step 3: Add “nofollow” attribute to the link

Step 4: Wait until Baidu has indexed the page and during the process, make sure there are no other pages that link to with the same anchor text but no “nofollow” attribute.

Step 5: Search the anchor text in Baidu.

In my experiment, ranked the first in the SERPs.

The result indicates that Baidu doesn’t support the “nofollow” attribute because we can see the link juice was successfully transferred to for the specific odd anchor text I have pre-chosen.

But this experiment is far from being perfect. One thing I thought of after the experience was that was only an external link to my site, then what about internal links? So I am planning to do another experiment focusing on the impact of nofollow on internal links later.

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