4 Ways to Leverage Baidu Zhidao

Posted by Ryan on 2011-01-24

Baidu Zhidao (known as Baidu Knows) is the most popular online Q&A site in China Mainland (Top 5 Chinese Q&A Sites ). It is not only where you can ask a question and seek help, but also a powerful tool for various marketing purposes. Today I am going to share 4 most common yet powerful methods of leveraging Baidu Zhidao.

1. Brand Promotion

Helping others can always be an effective way to attract attention and build a reputation. Check what questions are being asked that are related to your industry and give detailed and helpful answers – you will win both appreciation and potential customers.

2. Link Building

Baidu fully recognizes mentions of a domaIn as valid backlinks pointing and passing link juice to the domain, as I mentioned in a previous post Surprising Chinese SEO Fact: Link-building doesn’t have to use links. So when you are answering people’s questions, you can also leave the domain of your website as a reference if you think it is necessary, which is very beneficial for your Baidu SEO efforts.

But hey, I am not recommending spamming on Baidu Zhidao. Just do it naturally because if you mention your domain too much on Baidu Zhidao, your answer will be automatically filtered.

3. Customer Feedback Collection

Knowing what confusions and comments people have about your products or services can be very valuable in further improvement on them, and the good news is you can!

You can find questions on all sorts of products and services on Baidu Zhidao. Some leading Chinese brands even have their official accounts on Baidu Zhidao to help their customers, such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

4. Of course, ask for help!

That is the reason why Baidu Zhidao exists. You can not only help others but also ask for help on Baidu Zhidao. You can often get some expert opinions on your questions.

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