10 Figures of China Internet 2010

Posted by Ryan on 2011-02-02

I know we have already said farewell to 2010 and made good wishes to 2011 – but as an Internet marketer, I have to say 2010 is a great year with dramatic changes on China Internet landscape, which is absolutely worth looking back at.

Let’s re-taste the greatness of the Chinese Internet world of 2010 from the 10 figures listed below:

  1. 75,000,000

In 2010, the number of Chinese microblogging service users reached 75 million, making history with the fastest growth among all web applications in the Chinese Internet history. However, under the uplifting increase speed, there are some issues that require all our concerns: Microblogging is an integration of media, SNS and web apps, which means the process of growing the user base always requires a long period of time rather than overnight.

2. 30

Soon after seeing the success of Foursquare, quite a number of Chinese Internet companies followed up. By the end of 2010, the number of Chinese LBS service providers reached 30.

3. 60,000,000

With the significant development of China’s 3G market, the Chinese smart phone market experienced an explosive increase and China’s total sales volume of smart phones in 2010 was 60 million, with an annual growth rate of 180%.

4. 50%

In 2010, the percentage that user-generated content takes up on the Internet for the first time went beyond 50%.

5. 300,000,000

The number of mobile Internet users reached 300 million in 2010. The main reasons behind the gigantic growth are: 1. fast increasing popularity of smart phones; 2. great development of mobile Internet applications and services; 3. improvement of China’s mobile Internet environment, such as faster connection speed and more affordable service plans.

6. 1,000,000,000,000

In 2010, the total transaction volume of third party payments went higher than 1 trillion RMB.

7. 1,000,000,000

On November 11th, 2010, the daily transaction volume on Taobao Malls reached 1 billion RMB.

8. 0.5%

The Q2 2010 revenue of Chinese online game market was 7,783 billion RMB, 0.5% below that the previous term.

9. 3,000,000,000

The market of online web game of China was 3 billion RMB in 2010.

10. 100,000,000

The mobile reading market of China exceeded 100 million RMB in Q3, 2010.

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