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Achieve search marketing success on the leading Chinese search engine.

Baidu SEO Services

Baidu is the leading Chinese search engine that takes an 80% share of the overall search engine market of China Mainland. It was founded in 2000, by the Chinese search scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li.

Today’s Baidu is more than a search engine. Like Google, its counterpart from the US, Baidu has evolved into a large Internet ecosystem with a wide array of services and products, including web search, pay-per-click advertising, web mapping application, news search, image search, video search, question-and-answer, web analytics, web browser, and web-based wiki.

That’s why Baidu SEO matters – because your potential customers use Baidu everyday.

How We Help

Baidu SEO is one of the core competencies of Chinese SEO Shifu. Besides the general Chinese SEO services we offer, we also provide SEO services specifically targeting Baidu, including :

Keyword Mining and Keyword Database Setup

We use our own tool to extract keyword data directly from the paid Baidu PPC API, which is the most accurate keyword data available. Whether you need a localized version of your English keyword list or just want to start from zero, we can help with them both. The keyword database we build for you can be used for both SEO and PPC purposes, covering the most comprehensive keyword data that belongs to your specific industry.

Baidu Indexation Improvement

It’s pretty common to see a website has tons of pages indexed by Google but only a few indexed by Baidu. Being honest, it’s Baidu’s fault, but blaming it won’t get you anywhere.

SEO experts of Chinese SEO Shifu have rich experience in solving Baidu indexation issues. We understand the weaknesses of Baiduspider, the web crawling bot of Baidu, and know the best way to help Baiduspider discover and index your web pages.

Baidu Penalization Recovery

Baidu is sensitive about “SEO”, and “over-optimization” usually leads to penalization. On Baidu, it is common to see a website loses 90% of its traffic overnight, or has 60% of its pages de-indexed in a few days. When you see this, you know you are in trouble.

Chinese SEO Shifu knows where the line is. We can help you find what the cause of the penalization is, and get your site back to Baidu’s arms as soon as possible.

Baidu Integrated Marketing

As addressed above, Baidu has become a large Internet ecosystem and its web search is not the only Baidu product that can help your business profit. With Baidu integrated marketing, we leverage a number of Baidu’s products including Baidu Search, Baidu Zhidao (Baidu’s question-and-answer service), Baidu Image Search, Baidu Wiki and others, to make the most of the leading Chinese search engine.

We are very creative in services we offer, and all our service packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. If you need our help, don’t be shy to tell us your needs.


Our Clients

  • Client: Canada Tourism Commission
  • Client: Brewster
  • Client: Griaule
  • Client: Innovadex
  • Client: Microsoft
  • Client: Tourism Authority of Thailand Beijing Office
  • Client: Kung Fu English
  • Client: Study Mode

More clients of Chinese SEO Shifu


Yaniv Marcus, VP, Asia-Pacific & Investments, Leibish & Co.:

“Thank you for all the help and support you have been giving Leibish & Co. We had given you a challenging mandate, which involved translation of an English commerce website into Mandarin, along with a mandate to increase our visibility in China via online marketing, as well as increase social media exposure and followers. You have done a fantastic job up to now, and I have no doubt that this will continue for the foreseeable future.”

Lewis Youngson, Managing Director, Visit Football:

“Ryan and his team at SEO Shifu have been instrumental in helping my business grow in China. As a UK based travel company we have been able to communicate easily and quickly with Ryan, despite the time difference with China, regarding translation and SEO projects. Our business has been praised by many for its great translation and since starting our SEO 3 months ago we have risen to the top 3 in Baidu organic search terms. Ryan is someone I have complete faith and trust in and I can highly recommend him to any business big or small that wants to target China.”

Ben Van Exan, Graphic Communications, WhiteWater West Industries:

“WhiteWater West Industries contracted Shifu in December 2013 to boost organic SEO and manage our PPC account for our Chinese website. Within the first 3 months, the organic search results have more than tripled our total visitors, with ongoing improvements.  Shifu also made several technical recommendations, with special consideration of the Chinese search engine Baidu, which dramatically reduced the loading speed of the site for visitors in China, a great advantage to us considering how media-heavy our website is. We are extremely pleased with the results so far, and will be continuing to work with Shifu with our other websites in the future.  It is also important to note that we experienced absolutely zero language or communication barriers with Shifu, which was the case with the SEO company we had previously employed.”

Sonia Saund, Project Coordinator, Fourth Dimension Inc.:

“I must say that working with Chinese SEO Shifu was a great experience overall. Shifu made sure that every request I had was completed on time and within budget, and they provided status updates on the project as it went on. I was very impressed with the level of communication that SEO Shifu offered, especially since we were collaborating from opposite ends of the world. Ryan was very professional, understanding and diligent when it came to the work contracted. I would definitely recommend SEO Shifu to anyone looking for Search Engine Optimization and/or translation services.”

Phi Vo, Online Marketing Director at StudyMode, Inc.:

“We are an international company with many sites in different languages, and it was difficult to find anyone with as much expertise as Ryan. Specifically, we needed to grow Baidu traffic quickly. Ryan helped us to chart a short and long term strategy for SEO that would work well in the Chinese market, and thus far we have seen great results. I would definitely recommend his expertise for websites or businesses looking for someone on the ground who knows how SEO and great sites should work in China. We’ve seen a tremendous growth in traffic and look forward to a long-term relationship with this company.”

Helen Zhao, Director of Sales & Marketing, Innovadex:

“We struggled in finding a SEO/SEM consultant specialized in baidu in the US. Luckily we found Ryan, who is located in China and speaks very good English. Ryan is knowledgeable, countable and easy to communicate with.”

Paul Coffey, Kung Fu English:

“Ryan’s team at Chinese SEO Shifu is our definition of an ideal partner. They are willing to spend time clearly explaining their suggested methods. They can be flexible on project terms if circumstances change. They are proactive in their communication and always looking to protect their clients’ interest. Just about any SEO “expert” can claim to know everything, and then deliver very little. Ryan and his team will outline what is reasonable to expect .. and then deliver even more.”

Richard Chmura, founder of

“Chinese SEO Shifu is very proficient and effective in Internet marketing and promotion. We can always count on the dedication, persistence and quality of work. Their polished and excellent command of English is of high value and ensures that communication is pleasant and effective. They are able to apply technology to marketing in a savvy way and have capability of bringing our organization’s services to a new market with astuteness.”

Sam Huang, UBC Real Estate Specialist:

“Chinese SEO Shifu has been doing an excellent job in marketing my website to Chinese clients. Since working with them, I have been getting many solid leads from my website. Thanks guys.”

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